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The Wythe County Historical Society was organized on April 17, 1970 with a commitment to the preservation, collection and interpretation of Wythe County history in its many formsty acts in partnership with the Town of Wytheville Department of Museums to assist in identifying and acquiring artifacts and archival materials. The Society also assists in the presentation, protection and of the collections owned by the Wythe County Historical Society and the Town of Wytheville that make up the Haller-Gibboney House and the Thomas J. Boyd Museum collection.

The Society is led by a Board of Directors consisting of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, three at-large Directors and the Director of Museums. Membership meetings are held in March, June, September, and December. A Society picnic is also held during the summer. Membership meetings are held at the Heritage Preservation Center located at 115 W. Spiller Street.

The Society has two publications: The Rock House Dispatch, which contains information about the Society and the Town of Wytheville Department Museums, and the Wythe County Historcial Review, which contains articles of local history written by local authors. The Dispatch is printed quarterly while the Review is published annually. The Wythe County Historical Review can also be found at: museums.wytheville.org/wchr. There is a small fee payable thru PayPal for the use of this site.

 The Wythe County Historical Society maintains a library at the Heritage Preservation Center located at 115 W. Spiller Street. Here fxcm review one can find articles pertaining to Wythe County history and do genealogical research. Items found in the library include: newspapers, family files and archives, reference books, including the Architectual Resources in Wythe County, and copies of the Wythe County Historical Review. The library offers past issues of the Wythe County Historical Review for sale. Library volunteers will do historical and genealogical research for a fee of $10.00 for up to ten pages. For more than ten pages, a fee of twenty-five cents per page will be added to the total bill. The library is staffed by volunteers and hours may vary. For assistance please call (276) 223-3330 for more information.

 For more information about the Wythe County Historical Society, or for a membership application, please contact the Society at:  Wythe County Historical Society, P.O. Box 730, Wytheville, VA 24382, (276) 228-6061

Membership application can be downloaded here.

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Wythe County Historical Society
P.O. Box 730
Wytheville, VA  24382
(276) 228-6061